Tara & Rich | New England Wedding Photography

1 Jun

When I first talked to Tara, she told me of her long courtship with Rich, and how they met in Afghanistan. Tara is from Georgia and Rich was born and raised in Massachusetts. Both were serving in the military and based on our conversation I couldn’t wait to meet both of them. And I was in no way disappointed.

The day couldn’t have been nicer… blue skies, puffy white clouds… absolutely lovely!

People traveled far and wide to be a part of the celebration for these two! I have to admit that I quickly mimic the accents around me and sure enough the Southern flare I was surrounded by got me going. And well, it’s easy to say I’m not very good at it… ha! So, I tried very hard to keep my Minnesota accent in tact…

Tara had some incredibly sweet bridesmaids and they were by her side the whole time!

When Tara walked into the church with her Mother all eyes were fixated on them.

I love the moments after the ceremony when all the tension and nerves just seem to evaporate.


Oh, and yes, I was slightly obsessed with Tara’s bouquet! LOVE.

We immediately went to one of my new favorite locations for formal photos! And I met the most entertaining bridal party, with interesting nicknames and all…. ha.

Aren’t they cute?!

Welcome to Polly’s Antiques!

I could have stayed here all day taking photos of Tara and Rich… but, it’s just not the way the cookie crumbles… so…

We moved forward with the schedule and had just enough time to stop at one other small park. In fact it’s where Tara and Rich got engaged… Sweet!

And our final destination was the Cyprian Keyes for the reception!

The purple hues around the room just made me happy. I adored the layout of the sweets table And the cupcakes looked so good.

The entrance of the bridal party is one of those times during the day that I never know what to expect, but on this day,  I knew it would be something fun!

A very talented friend serenade the couple during their first dance and it was undeniably touching.

This couple chose to do all the ceremonial stuff, from parent dances to the garter toss… and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, either from the emotions or from laughing so hard!

Good Good Times!

No really, Everyone Bust a Gut!

But in all seriousness…. Congratulations to Tara and Rich! May you find love everywhere you station yourselves in life!

I’m honored, yet again, to be a part of this special day!


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